Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on May 28, 2009

It’s no use in cracking jokes because it’s moments like these which show how bad the music industry happens to be right now. In something I know CiCi probably fought and clawed against, her music has been subjected to an “Original Recipe Sandwich Combo”.

For what it’s worth, the album, Fantasy Ride, wasn’t impressive at all, but the principality of the issue reigns supreme. This is the same Ciara who sold millions upon millions of records in previous years and the same Ciara that still has one of the hottest singles in years. Now she is subjected to chicken that supposedly originates from the state of Kentucky.

For. The. Loss.

Hov was right, “first they love you, then they leave you alone.”

Spotted at Sandra Rose’s



  1. Tasha_2501 said

    Woww, Ci Ci this is teribble. Ur CD or a number 3 combo, is that the next decision I’m faced with at a KFC driver-thru? And personally, I’d take that new grilled chicken over her CD anyway. Just being honest

  2. LOL, honesty is the best policy.

  3. TiMiD said

    Okay now this is just a BAD marketing/ promotion ploy by her label. How singles have been released off this album, 1 maybe 2. How the hell she going to have a top selling record, with such few singles?!?

    And lets be real, her cd’s are never completely good from beginning to end. I still think her first album has been her best so far.

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