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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 28, 2009

Don’t be confused, Drake is not the only free agent drawing a lot of attention from labels for his services. Since confirming his split from the house that Russell and Rick built, it’s been a wild goose chase as to confirming Hov’s next stop in the musical world. Although he isn’t the same rapper who laid down the classics Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint, adding Jay-Z to any roster could do wonders in the P.R. and blogging world.

Throughout the past 72 hours, possible destinations have been floating around at a blistering place, but the most prevalent seems to be Warner Music Group. To throw gas on an already lit flame, rumors of secret meetings with Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles have also allegedly taking place making Sean Corey Carter’s signing almost inevitable and epic at the same time.  Personally, I’d love to see a Jigga-run label over at WMG/Atlantic thus assuring that J. Cole would receive the push he deserves.

“Jay knows Lyor and Kevin from back when they all worked together at Def Jam, and he obviously wants to work something out with his friends,” says our insider. “He wants to get the dream team back together. There have been a few whiffs of a reunion in the past, but only now – and very privately – is something finally starting to happen.”

Our source adds, “This is big in hip hop. These are three of the most powerful men in music, who might be working together, and there’s no question the success they’ll have as a team will be huge.”

Recession over where? If Jay does, in fact, seal this deal, that “billie” he’s been searching for could easily be coming sooner than later.

Jay-Z eyeing move to Warner Music Group after split from Def Jam (Gatecrasher)

Flashback: Jay-Z Confirms Split From Def Jam


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