Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on May 28, 2009

I was once told that assuming is never a good thing and by doing so makes an ass out of both parties. However, it’s safe to say that for the majority of young adults in this country, we’ve seen the 1990’s smash sitcom, “Saved By The Bell”. Once a fixture in my daily routine in elementary and part of middle school, the day didn’t feel right if it wasn’t started off with a bowl of cereal and an episode of Zach Morris and the gang.

On TBS at 7:05 A.M. to be exact.

Not focusing on the college years, the high school segment of the show was classic in every sense of the word (the summer episodes were hot though). From Jesse’s battle with caffeine pills, to Kelly Kapowski being the most attractive white Caucasian woman on Earth at the time (she’s still not to bad today either) coupled with my huge crush on Lark Voorhies or coming to grips with the fact Zach Morris rivaled Will Smith for early 1990’s coolness, the show had it all. Living in a fantasy world, it had me thinking high school was exactly how it was at Bayside. Maybe it was in California, but it sure as hell wasn’t in Virginia.

Anywho, while I haven’t seen the show in years, my appreciation for all things my childhood still remain deeply rooted. I’m a real n*gga like that, I guess you could say.

Don’t ask where this post came from either. Late nights do that to you.


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