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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 27, 2009

44, 12, 7 (and 8 turnovers in all fairness) and a LOSS. While I could very well leave my thoughts on what just happened, I’m not commenting on game four. We all saw it, no need post game synopsis. However, just within the past hour, I’ve

  1. Pre-ordered the jersey you see above
  2. Also pre-ordered the blue and orange MSG Brons
  3. Ordered a “I LOVE NY” shirt
  4. Ignored over 12 phone calls, all of which surely had the same “HAHA, Bron sucks” statement on the other end.

That’s it Cleveland. You’re witnessing a savior on his last march to bring the city what it hasn’t seen in over 45 years, a championship. But for some reason Mike Brown, the “coach of the year”, continues to have suspect play calling and doesn’t even draw up plays in overtime (I couldn’t have been the only one to see that).

It’s whatever though. T-minus 14 months until the league’s next greatest trio (Steph Curry, Chris Bosh and LeBron James) wreak havoc on the Garden.

Elite, I hope you’re reading this bro. Save me a seat (pause…if that’s applicable for this statement).

Shout out to JT3 for the pic.

Flashback: LeBron plays 1-on-5; Cavs go up 2-1



  1. D Dotta said

    Wowwwww, Ur really takin that last lost personally Just. I mean…giving up so soon. And you act as if he’s a free agent THIS COMING YEAR! What if they win it all next year? Or STILL possibly this year? I mean Damn, don’t give up on ya Boy yet man….Have A Little Faith.

    Okay, honestly, I laughed in writing every word of that! HAhahaha…there’s PANIC in “The Land.” And although, that is my birthplace, I haven’t claimed there since my year & half humble beginning in Cleveland Heights.

  2. Stephen said

    As a Laker fan I want to give you some encouragement….. Remember 2 years ago Kobe was in a VERY similar place to LeBron. No supporting cast, no help nothing, and he DEMANDED a trade and i almost saw my teams life support leave to Chicago for the likes of Ben Gordon and Luol Deng… smh.. but the Kupchak got gasol and we started to see the smarts of pickups like Farmar, Vujacic etc. All i got to say is have FAITH that if the Cavs do not get past the magic, that the Cavs and Management MUST KNOW that if they don’t get the required help fast that they will lose Lebron FOREVER… remember theres alot of free agents that could help that Cavs team .. Carlos Boozer, Mike Bibby, Ben Gordon, Jason Kidd, Iverson, Sheed, Ron Artest, Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom, Andre Miller, Shawn Marion. Have HOPE.

  3. Damn right I’m taking it personally. I know very well that he won’t be a free agent until this time next year, but look at the situation from this point of view…

    With Orlando getting a healthy Jameer Nelson back next year, they’re only going to be THAT much better. Boston is always a tough team to deal with. Chicago could potentially be a top four seed if they play how they’re supposed to play.

    Aside from the Mo Williams signing, Cleveland hasn’t done anything to improve the squad around LeBron. While I like Mo and Delonte and Z…that’s just not the team he needs around him. He needs an ATHLETIC big man. Sideshow Bob (Varejao) and Zeke are not it. So unless Cleveland somehow manages to snag a big man this offseason, he’s gone next summer.

    Damn right I’m pissed. You would be pissed too if you averaged 42 ppg, 6 rpg, 8 apg, 2 spg and are down 3-1. I never lose faith in Bron (pause), just the factors around him.

    And wow, I never knew you were from Cleveland. Learn something new everyday.

  4. Elite said

    Mike Brown is the worst coach in the NBA. What a joke.

    Lebron, we welcome you with open arms…

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