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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 27, 2009

There’s a good chance the majority of the visitors of this site are not familiar with Mark Jackson, but they have seen him before. Undoubtedly one of the more talented musicians I’ve met in my life, he’s essentially a triple threat (singer, songwriter and producer). Earlier today he let loose of snippet that has pretty much been on repeat since then. With the summer heating up, look for more posts from the man who was the architect behind one of the craziest remixes of 2008.

As accustomed with posts these days, follow him on Twitter.  On the other hand, I’m going unfollow him because this wasn’t sent to me directly. I found out through a third party.

Think you know somebody until new music is in the picture…

DL: Mark Jackson–Back 2 Paris


No Responses Yet to “MARK JACKSON – "BACK 2 PARIS"”

  1. TiMiD said

    Im excited to know this how my man Jacko is starting out the summer!!

  2. D Dotta said

    I like this joint, smooth

  3. D Dotta said

    I like this joint, smooth. Okay Jacko, now this is what I need on a weekly basis. AND BRING some viewers to the site.

  4. Tins youuu bad..I was up all night workin on this 4 Mr. IamDiddy for his “Last train 2 paris” album..decided to cuff it…jus started doin wat i do PROMOTE!! thatz myyyy bad good lookz onda write up tho

  5. Lol it’s quite alright Jacko. I was merely playing.

    And yeah, Diddy needs this for the album.

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