Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on May 27, 2009

Datwon Thomas, the former editor-in-chief of XXL, is apparently off the unemployment line and back in the working world. According to several sources, Thomas has taken the EIC position of Russel Simmons’ Global Grind.

Global Grind caught up with Thomas to get his feelings on leaving his former publication and what the future holds in store for one of hip-hop’s most credible journalists.

“It was definitely a hard decision, but it opens up the door for a new beginning,” he explained.

Datwon said that his highlights at the publication over the past year have included the Freshman 10 cover as well as the recent cover featuring Eminem as the Punisher.

“More than likely it’s gonna be some fly stuff,” he said about what he plans to bring to his next position. “I think if people check my résumé, a lot of things I’ve been with have been successful and really well. I look forward to seeing what I’mma do too. I’m a fan of me.”

Even with the addition of Thomas, it shall be very interesting to see if GG can now step up the ladder into the elite class of hip-hop websites.


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