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Soulja Boy "Takes A Little Time to Enjoy the View"

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 26, 2009

On May 25th, 2009 Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Sherri, & Elisabeth were joined by what was surely an unfamiliar face to their thirty-forty something stay-at-home mom demographic. That person being non other than the young entrepeuner and internet phenom Soulja Boy Tellem. The women of “The View” welcomed their second rapper to the couch in 2009, with Lil’ Wayne having graced the stage not to long ago.

Soulja Boy discussed his latest album iSouljaBoyTellEm and the success of his three number 1 singles. The Soulja Man talked about his humble beginnings and how it was only a few years ago that he dreamed of being a world renown rapper and producer.  Soulja Boy’s sophomore effort contains his second & third number 1 singles including “Turn My Swag On” & “Kiss Me Thru the Phone.” After chatting with the ladies Soulja Boy was even nice enough to bless the holiday crowd with a performance of “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” where Sammie joined him on-stage.

Surprisingly, but not shockingly Soulja Boy was pleasantly well spoken during his time with a group of ladies that most would wonder if they even truly cared about who he was. (Outside of Sherri Shephard, who some may remember from such hood classic films as Beauty Shop.) The entertainer left his occasionally over sized t-shirts and Yums sneakers at home, instead donning a more sleek and Hollywood look of an all white suit with a swagger on a trillion Louis Vatton scarf.

Seemingly,Soulja Boy’s greatest statement came when he said to the ladies,

“I surround myself with a good team…I have four younger brothers and one sister. That all look up to me, I’m the oldest. As far as education I do want to attend college. Yea, I graduated from high school, class of ’08.”

As people in and outside of the music industry continue to hate on Soulja Boy’s success, one thing they cannot hate on is his drive and marketing skills. He has successfully managed to stay relevant and potent all while still realizing that a solid education is the best foundation for any career. Oh, and a little bling can’t hurt either, make sure you peep SBeezy’s assessment of Barbara Walters diamonds.

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