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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 26, 2009

It’s a scene that I’ve seen far too often in life and never seems to get easier, the act of a parent paying their last respects to their offspring. Burying a child is something that should NEVER happen and a pain I pray every night that I never experience whenever I choose to have kids (a couple of years down the road FYI). I had been holding off on posting this story simply because only rumors were circulating, but just as of a few minutes ago, it was confirmed that Mike Tyson’s four year old daughter, Exodus, passed away after a “freak treadmill accident”.

Phoenix police spokesman Andy Hill said Exodus Tyson was pronounced dead in a hospital just before noon Tuesday.

Police say the girl was playing on a treadmill Monday in her central Phoenix home when her head apparently slipped inside a cord hanging under the console.

Exodus’ 7-year-old brother found her and alerted his mother.
Prayers and condolences go out to the entire Tyson family during this time. It’s eerie and heartbreaking all at the same time because in his documentary, he spoke on the topic of seeing his kids one day having kids of their own and being excited at the prospect of being called “grandpa”.

R.I.P. Exodus Tyson.


  1. wavie said

    RIP.It seems like mike was cooling out too

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