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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 26, 2009

Khaled’s first (and only?) artist gets a second shot at releasing an album and if this song is any indication…it might already be better than the first.

With production from The Runners, a soulful, yet catchy hook from Jazmine Sullivan and a 16 from fellow South Florida native, Rick Ross, this has hit written all over it. If you need a summer motivational anthem, this has the receipe for everything you’re looking for.

Ruthless is set to hit stores June 30.

Kudos to Dre

DL: Ace Hood feat. Jazmine Sullivan & Rick Ross–Champion (prod. by The Runners)



  1. D Dotta said

    MMmmm…I dunno how I feel about this track. Actually let me clarify, I like this song as an album filler, possible 3rd single. But definitely NOT the 1st or 2nd single. I dunno what more Ace Hood could have done on his first album singles wise.

    I mean “Cash Flow” with T-Pain & The Boss was FIRE. And then he followed that up with “Ride” for the ladies featuring Trey Songz. I mean those two tracks were HOTT, yet his album still wasn’t well received. Got me?

  2. I think my thing with this song…it’s actually a song with substance.

    “Cash Flow”…honestly, I thought it was a GOOD song, but I was never the biggest fan of it. Yeah it had all the ingredients for a hit (T-Pain, Runners, Ross) and for all intensive purposes…it was a hit. But I just never gravitated to that record.

    “Ride”, in my personal opinion, was only hot because of Trey Songz.

    To me this song is dope because it actually had a meaning behind it. I’m not saying it will be a #1 hit, but I guess I could feel where the inspiration of the song was originating from.

    But I definitely feel everything you said though.

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