Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on May 23, 2009

My swagger, be surfin, it kill ’em like a hamie
If you think these niggas wavy then I must a tsunami
And I’m higher than a tidal wave, blame it on the sowie
Yall know I’m from Brooklyn, but my swagger be from Maui

I’m surfin’, is perfect, I get the women wet
You can find out for yourself, don’t believe that internet
Say he wiped out his old chick and got a badder broad
Heard the way she ride it you would think she had a board
We on the way to the crib she was like, “DUDE!”
“Are we there yet?” Bitch, I ain’t Ice Cube
It’s Loso, it’s Loso, say it twice case you ain’t know so
And you can ask Sos, sometime I swagger jacked my self

Say what you’d like, but this happens to be one of the better remixes of the year because of one simple fact, everyone ripped it. While I enjoyed Red Cafe’s set (yep, I said it), Juelz’s gave me flashbacks of years past and Maino absolutely smashed his verse…it was Loso (case you ain’t know so) who had the standout 16 12.

If you’re like me, it probably took this remix to actually make you listen to the song for more than the beat and the infectious dance that rode shotgun. Fab’s best aspect has always been his ability to flow over anything and sound effortless in the process, such was the case here. It’s not that this verse was lyrically groundbreaking, but damn if it doesn’t sound good when you’re riding with the windows down while going to pick up your paycheck from work.

Next order of business, however. The album, Loso’s Way.

DJ Self feat. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Red Cafe’ & Maino–Swag Surfin (NY Remix)

Flashback: Sammie–Swag Surfin’ (remix) | “New York City…Grab Your Surf Boards!!!”


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